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Vivian Capri Gray - Bottoms by Pronounce Activewear

$ 76.00


Vivian - Bottoms by Pronounce Activewear 

These Gray Vivian Capris featured by Pronounce are manufactured by Nux USA with superb mesh detailing with a jacquard design . Nux is a compression brand that truly sets there product and material away from the competition with a fabric formula of Microfiber Nylon and Spandex. These capris truly hold "everything" in. As fall and winter approach these leggings will be the perfect capris for your fitness studio, yoga studio, pilates studio visit in the morning or in the evening. Even if you do any type of physical activity, event, or just want to walk in the park, these will be your best be for comfort and style. Pronounce is the leader of activewear and sportswear. 

-Nux USA Compression
- Made In USA
- Microfiber Nylon / Spandex
- Jacquard design
- Mesh detail

Care Instructions:
-Gentle Cycle

-Do not bleach

-Wash with like colors
-Tumble dry low

-Do not iron
-Avoid washing and drying with anything abrasive such as velcro, zippers or denim

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