About Yolon™ Fabric by Pronounce

About Yolon™


Yolon™ was created and manufactured by the brand, Just Live. So the question is, what properties make up Yolon™ and why are they so special? 

Why Pronounce chose Just Live's Yolon™?
· YOLON™ - Our is Just Live's own proprietary second skin fabric.
· 4 way non transparent stretch which will move with you and not turn white.
· Compression material that aids muscle recovery. Smooths, sculpts and perfects curves.
· Odor resistant, moveable, breathable and softest active wear out there!
· Fabric will not fade and is flattering on everyone.
· Quick Drying feature pulls moisture away from the body. Ideal for runners and triathletes.

Just Live Size Chart by Pronounce:

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