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Vivian Capri - Bottoms by Pronounce Activewear

$ 76.00

Nux London Legging by Pronounce

$ 58.00

Vivian Capri Gray - Bottoms by Pronounce Activewear

$ 76.00

Vivian Capri Black - Bottoms by Pronounce Activewear

$ 76.00

The three pillars of Nux’s philosophy are Body Engineering, Compression, and creating a product entirely made in the USA: specifically, Los Angeles, California. Nux believes in the constant pursuit of inspiration, and turning that inspiration into success - driving you to reach deeper, move faster, and play longer to be the best you possible. The pieces in Nux’s collection offer varying levels of compression, to allow for greater movement and faster recovery. A true commitment to the body and its potential, Nux USA invites you to share the journey with them in their stylish, fashionable, inspirational pieces. 

Nux USA - Body Engineering

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