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Just Live By Pronounce | Yolon™ Fabric

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Just Live created and Trade Marked a fabric like no other, it's called Yolon™. This fabric has a super soft feel with the stretch to outlast any fitness apparel brand. You truly have to try this to believe it!

Yolon™ The Newest In Active Fabric Technology

The only active clothing you will ever need is right here with Pronounce Activewear. Pronounce Activewear has the greatest selection of Men's and Women's Activewear clothing. When Just Live came along we simple couldn't refuse to gain access to this fabric technology.

When Just Live set out to create the perfect line of fitness lifestyle wear, we quickly ran into a problem. There were all kinds of fabric we could use, but none that did exactly what we needed it to do.

Like to provide 4-way stretch and moisture wicking while maintaining superior compression and also being odor resistant, antimicrobial, UV protective, virtually fadeproof, yet STILL somehow stay amazingly silky soft, like a second skin. Nothing we tested could do it.

So we invented one that could.

The result was YOLON™, our own proprietary fabric blend, named after the “You Only Live Once” philosophy that motivates both our company and our customers. YOLON™ is an amazing fabric. Precision blended with cationic polyester and spandex, YOLON™ over performs, allowing our designers to create garments that enhance your workout in every possible way and yet look good enough to wear out everyday.

But YOLON™ is more than just that. It’s also a promise of the unyielding commitment to quality shared by the team at Just Live. Beyond obstacles, without excuses or compromise, Just Live exists to achieve perfection in the garments we create. Every stitch, every seam – even if we have to invent our own fabric to make it happen.

Visit our Yolon™ page for more information. About Yolon™

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