Protein... In My Veggies?

Posted on 14 August 2015

Protein is a very important part of our daily diet.  Men require 56g of protein daily, and women need 46g of protein each day.  That may sound like a lot of meat to chew, but did you know that a lot of the delicious veggies you eat each day can be rich sources not only of vitamins and minerals and fiber, but of protein as well?

Here is a list of some fantastic vegetable protein sources, accompanied by delicious, easy-to-follow recipes we’ve harvested from around the internet for you to try this summer.  From side dishes, casseroles, and desserts, you’re sure to find a meat-free protein-rich new favorite here!

Have fun, and stay active!


  • Green Peas- 7.9 grams per 8oz serving


  • Quinoa- 8 grams per 8oz serving


  • Nuts- almonds, cashews, pistachios (calorie dense)


  • Beans- 2 cups of kidney beans have more protein than a Big Mac


  • Chickpeas 7.3 grams 4oz serving


  • Tempeh, Tofu, edamame (soybeans) 15-20 grams per 4oz


Leafy greens- spinach, chopped broccoli


  • Seeds- sunflower, sesame, and poppy 5-7 grams per 2oz

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