6 Amazing Ways Activewear Is Saving The Planet

Posted on 07 August 2015

The threat of global warming is not new- studies over the past 40 years have increasingly impressed upon us the need to protect our planet from carbon emissions.  We acknowledge our waters are growing dirtier, our air thicker, and our forests smaller.  Many individuals across the planet pledge protection to Earth through everyday efforts like recycling, reducing waste, and adding “green” through planting trees and gardens.  Organic and sustainable lifestyles are no longer a trend, but a necessity to keep our planet clean.  While many don’t regularly consider their clothing choices as having an impact on the environment, the fashion world is starting to notice.  Pronounce Activewear is proud to offer a variety of eco-friendly items from several activewear manufacturers who have solemnly pledged to make our healthy, active world a cleaner place.  Check out how the following teams are doing their part to save the planet:

  1. Tasc Performance- Tasc is something of a celebrity headliner in the world of certified organic bamboo fabric, as they pioneered the creation of this lightweight, breathable fabric.  Bamboo is a member of the grass family, which means that harvesting it is much like mowing a lawn- plants are not killed, but instead grow quickly to replenish crops without the need of replanting.  Bamboo is grown naturally and sustainably in many parts of the world, and can even grow in low-nutrient soil.  Bamboo is a green, leafy plant, which does its part in recharging our planet’s air with its greenhouse gas recycling properties.  Consider this an extra push on your next hike!
  2. Teeki- By now, many people are familiar with the esoteric prints and bold colors of Teeki’s fantastical designs. A favorite of female athletes all over the country, Teeki is also an outspoken proponent of recycled materials.  Their hot pants, goddess capri, and sun shorts are 79% PET recycled plastic bottles, and 21% Spandex for a body-worshipping fit, reducing the need for the creation of new plastic polymers for fabric.  The company is also US based and sources locally to reduce their carbon footprint.  The oceans will thank you for looking so fabulous.
  3. Solow- Known for their sleek, urban look, this California based company is committed to using only locally-sourced, Bluesign certified sustainable fabrics. Bluesign is somewhat of a new name in the fashion industry, but it’s an international standard for environmental health and safety in textile manufacturing.   The raw materials, energy required for manufacturing, water use, and emissions output from creating fabric and garments is measured, and only those that meet a specific guideline standard will be Bluesign certified.  Whether you wear your Solow to the gym or around town, you can breathe deeply knowing that your clothing has had a minimal impact on the environment.
  4. Green Apple- The company known for the softest clothing around is happy to share the secret to their cozy, luxurious garments: organic, plant based materials, such as cotton and bamboo.  All of Green Apple’s products are amazingly comfortable, but more importantly, eco-friendly, sustainable, and bio-degradable.  But they don’t stop there- Green Apple is so committed to the environment, their packaging includes biodegradable plastic coverings, as well as soy ink and recycled paper tags.  Talk about a full commitment!
  5. Lily Lotus- While we might be secretly jealous of their Hawaiian lifestyle, we can’t help but cheer on the environmentally-conscious designers at Lily Lotus. Known for local sourcing, as well as organic cotton and bamboo products, Lily Lotus also employs a local work force for the creation, vegan dye, and embellishing process of each garment.  Wearing Lily Lotus may create a beach fantasy, but it’s actually creating an Earth paradise!
  6. Kulae- Your yoga gear is a huge part of your active life, and Kulae has the planet covered when it comes to creating the most consumer AND Earth-friendly equipment around.  The tpECOmat is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable, with ZERO PVC, latex, cadmium, lead, or rubber products.  This means that the tpECOmat isn’t just non-toxic to you- it’s also not going to pollute our beautiful planet.  You can even rest easy when it comes to keeping your mat clean- Kulae’s mat cleaner is 100% organic, and contains no artificial preservatives, color, or fragrances- just nature’s finest oils and extracts.  Give to the planet, and the planet gives back!

While our active lifestyles may keep us very busy, we never have too little time to consider Mother Earth and all of the wonderful things she does for us.  Whether we’re sweating through a yoga class, or running through beautiful hills and valleys of our planet, more and more activewear manufacturers are committing to creating gear that’s not just the best workout clothing for you, but the best workout clothing for the planet as a whole.

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