Making The Most Of Your Indoor Run

Posted on 21 July 2015

For many of us, this summer has offered some wild, wet, humid weather that has kept our running and jogging routines indoors.  While we crave the warm sun on our skin and fresh air, there’s no reason for your workout to suffer.  Many people consider indoor boring and ineffective, but with a few modifications, you can get a pretty effective workout using that elliptical or treadmill!

The number one tip to having the best and least boring possible workout inside the gym is to mix it up!  Don’t hop on the treadmill and do the same seven miles every single day!  Not only will it not be the most effective physical workout, you will become bored very, very quickly!  Instead, mix it up with intervals.  Experts recommend mixing up the incline or resistance of your machine, and altering your pace as well.  Every five minutes, try changing something- either pace or resistance- to give your body something new to do.  The challenge will keep your mind alert as well, and instead of counting down the minutes to the time you can leave, you’ll be counting down to your next change!

The next step to treadmill and elliptical success is keeping good form.  Stay upright, and engage the core.  If you’re on the treadmill, take things up a notch by adding light handweights or dumbbells while you run.  Keep those shoulders back and loose, and invite your upper body to work just as hard as your legs.  This will help your body mimic the actual motion you use while running on a trail, where the ground can vary throughout your path.  If the elliptical is more your thing, make sure you use the handles to encourage extra upper body work- this will help keep the core engaged and the back protected as well. 

Finally, don’t sabotage yourself.  Many of us like to get immersed in a book or movie while we run, to keep our mind off the seemingly endless footsteps going nowhere.  It turns out, that technique might actually cause us to decelerate and not put as much effort behind our workout.  Instead, pump up the tunes, and motivate yourself with some high-energy music.  Make sure you mix up your tunes, though, or you’ll find yourself falling into a routine there, too!

While there’s really nothing quite as wonderful as hitting the road and running your cares away, you don’t have to suffer through an indoor run.  With some proper technique, and changing up your run each time, you can still have a motivating, calorie-burning workout!

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