Easy Tips For Understanding Crossfit

Posted on 04 June 2015

If you’re not doing it, you probably know someone who is. Welcome to the age of CrossFit! For the initiated, there probably isn’t anything left to shock you about this fairly recent workout sensation. But for those who haven’t been to “the box,” it probably seems like a bunch of unfamiliar words, a mess of injury and exhaustion, and more than a little intimidating! You’re probably right in being intimidated, but you’re probably also curious about what makes CrossFit enthusiasts so darn… enthusiastic!

Let’s start with the basics: CrossFit is crazy-intense blend of gymnastics, running, explosive movement, static movement, weight training, and high-intensity intervals. Each day, a WOD (Workout Of the Day) is created and posted. This WOD can include many different challenges, including things like push ups, sprints, weight pushing/pulling/dragging/carrying/lifting, squats, climbs, pull ups… just to name a few popular options. These vary daily, and are specifically created to challenge every single body part as it would be used in real-life practice (such as carrying heavy items, lifting furniture, and sprinting short distances). CrossFitters are encouraged to bang out as many reps of these exercises as possible, with an “all-in,” full-intensity level of effort.

The level of community amongst CrossFitters is huge. Once inside “the box,” as CrossFit affiliate gyms are called, a no-frills, highly intense sweat session begins. CrossFit is tough, and while the sport is known for being highly competitive, camaraderie builds between athletes as they perform as hard and strong as they can. The hour spent in the box can be not only the hardest hour of your life, but the best hour for your social life.

Like any exercise, though, it’s important to be safe. You can hurt yourself, especially when working at peak levels. By pushing to the limit or not completing an exercise in proper form, it can be easy to injure yourself. Some athletes even experience the dreaded “Uncle Rhabdo,” a nickname for rhabdomyolysis, which is a breakdown of muscle fibers from extreme usage that can lead to kidney issues. It’s rare, but real enough to be a looming figure in CrossFit lingo. It’s important to remember not to sacrifice your own safety. No matter how competitive you are, you’re always performing against your own personal best first and foremost, so stay safe, always practice good form, and remember that every body has a different set of limitations, so rest, ice, and take care of your body as necessary.

Since the early 2000s, CrossFit has exploded in popularity. In 2005, there were only 13 CrossFit affiliates. Today, there are nearly 4000. This intense exercise system will get you more fit than you have been in a long time- but requires dedication not only to exercise, but to form and self-awareness. Be ready to sweat, be ready to be tired, but be ready to feel better than you have before! While your mind is on starting new activities, we’d like to remind you to check out our current Super Sale! Click here for limited time deals of up to 70% off some of our hottest items! Remember- all orders include free shipping, so stock up on some workout essentials now!

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