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Posted on 22 September 2016

Printed Leggings Are 2015's New Celebrity Fashion Trend

Posted by Ann Doyle From NuxUSA
Running clothes for women used to consist of nothing more than an old t-shirt and black leggings, but in 2015 that laundry-day look is finally changing.

Athleisure -- so called "athletic leisure" clothing for women -- has led a surge in consumer spending on activewear. In 2014, activewear sales increased almost 10% in the United States to reach $33 billion. However, the line between gym clothes and everyday-wear is blurring fast.

Even though "athletic leisure" clothing might sound like an oxymoron, more working women expect their activewear to work double duty at the gym and the office. This year, fitness-crazed fashionistas have discovered how to look stylish for any occasion -- printed leggings. It's part of a rising appetite for printed designs, and running clothes for women are just the latest item to join the trend.

Plain, black leggings have long been a staple of women's closets, but colorful, print leggings are the hot new item in athletic apparel. Trendsetting celebrities like Lena Dunham and Naomi Watts have been spotted in printed leggings on their way to the yoga studio (abstract and leopard print respectively, in case you were wondering).

Top designers like Cynthia Rowley and Stella McCartney have included print leggings in their latest lines. The British retailer Lipsy London called athleisure leggings “the ultimate fusion of fashion and function." So for women looking to mix fashion and function without sacrificing either, print leggings offer a stylish solution to an age-old fashion conundrum.

In 2009, only 10% of Americans said they use their athletic apparel solely for exercise, and that number has since fallen to just 7%. Most people (85%) wear their athletic apparel around the house, and 42% even wear their gym clothes to go shopping.

Rowley and McCartney aren't the only designers who've taken notice. New York City designer Elie Tahari also launched his first high-fashion activewear line this year, releasing stylish running clothes for women. While celebs like Dunham and Watts might opt for eye-catching designs for their yoga pants, Tahari's print leggings came in a muted color palate for a more understated look.

There probably aren't many women who can pull off tie dye or leopard print leggings at the office, but athleisure clothing can be seen almost everywhere else in 2015, from the treadmill at the gym to the runways of fashion week.

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